[Guide] Web Scraping 101: What you need to know and how to scrape with Python & Selenium Webdriver

This article is for anyone who would like to learn how to scrape website quickly and easily using the tool in Python you already know (Pandas). I will cover a little bit on the basics of web scraping before talking about the libraries.

[Python] How to update Anaconda Navigator with command line

I had a problem updating Anaconda Navigator with its UI and managed to solve by updating using the command line. So I wrote this article so it benefits other people and I can also come back if I face this problem in the future. Note that this blog post will be very very short, but […]

3 Methods how to update R on RStudio (for Windows & Mac)

When was the last time you update your R and RStudio? I installed RStudio and R a year ago, and never update it since then. Today I just noticed I cannot install new R packages because of my old R version. So I explore some ways to update R and would like to share with someone who is also looking to update R on RStudio.

Data Visualisation for Melbourne AirBnb investors in D3.js[with Code]

Last month I attended the Quantify Datathon 2017 event. We are given AirBnb data from insideairbnb.com, then we have 5 days to explore and comes up with the model and/or visualization. Here is the final product from my team, Team Gravy.

[Google Analytics API] How to get data from Google Analytics with Python in Jupyter Notebook (with tutorial file)

Step by step guide with easy instruction and sample file to connect Python (Jupyter Notebook) with Google Analytics data

[Solution] Hortonworks Sandbox can run starting page, but Ambari Server not starting

I had a hard time getting the sandbox to installed on my Macbook Pro 2015 today for one of the subjects at Monash. After few hours of struggling, I finally found a solution that might help someone who also gets the same issue.

Data Science คืออะไร? ต่างกับ Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analysis ยังไง

คำ ๆ หนึ่งที่ผมคิดว่าเป็น Buzzword แห่งปี ที่คนใช้กันเยอะมาก และส่วนใหญ่ขาดความเข้าใจถึงความหมายจริง ๆ ของมัน คือคำว่า “Data Science” ครับ เรามาดูกันว่า Data Science คืออะไร ? แล้วต่างกับอีกคำที่คนใช้บ่อย ๆ ว่า “Machine Learning” ยังไงบ้าง