[Solution] Hortonworks Sandbox can run starting page, but Ambari Server not starting

Hortonworks Sandbox is the portable Hadoop environment that will eat up a lot of your space (about 22 GB after installed).

I had a hard time getting the sandbox to installed on my Macbook Pro 2015 today for one of the subjects at Monash. After few hours of struggling, I finally found a solution that might help someone who also gets the same issue.

Note that you will need at least 35 – 40 GB before installation, and at least 8 GB of RAM for Sandbox to work.

Problem with Hortonworks Sandbox in VirtualBox

After an hour of downloading, I put Sandbox into the latest version of VirtualBox. The RAM is specified to 8GB as suggested by Hortonworks website.

But when I tried to start Sandbox, it is frozen at this window:

I search for different solutions on Hortonworks website, but couldn’t find any solution that works. So I thought there might be some conflicts between Sandbox and other system running on my laptop.

That is when I decided to switch to Sandbox in Docker.

Problem with Hortonworks Sandbox in Docker

I downloaded the latest version of Docker for Mac. Then download Sandbox for Docker.

After that, I followed the instruction on Hortonworks website to install Sandbox on Docker (Note: See the content of the heading “Run Notes for Mac Users” which is the second heading)

I got the Sandbox welcome screen to show on http://localhost:8888

But when I tried to go to Ambari at http://localhost:8080. It failed.

So I was searching for hours for the solution. No one seems to have the right solution on this one.

I tried to put sudo in front of the command/etc/init.d/startup_script start. But Ambari is still not loaded.

At the end, I remembered that Sandbox in VirtualBox requires 8 GB of RAM. But there is no step to set 8 GB of RAM for Sandbox in Docker.

I looked into Docker’s preference and set RAM (memory) to 8 GB.

And Ambari is working !

This process from start to finish literally took me 4 hours (because the file itself is big, and I am running low on harddisk space as well).

Hope my solution will help some of you who found the same problems.





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