[Python] How to update Anaconda Navigator with command line

I had a problem updating Anaconda Navigator with its UI and managed to solve by updating using the command line. So I wrote this article so it benefits other people and I can also come back if I face this problem in the future. Note that this blog post will be very very short, but very useful.

The problem

When I tried to update Anaconda Navigator by clicking its ‘Update Now’ button, the Anaconda Navigator shut down without updating anything. This similar problem occurred to me in Visual Studio Code before. For VSCode, I reinstalled the software and the update works. I guessed it has something to do with permission in Mac OS.

However, I don’t want to reinstall Anaconda Navigator because it might affect all data science stack I have installed so far.

The solution

Here is the command for updating Anaconda Navigator with the command line.

conda update anaconda-navigator

It will take around 1-2 minutes to install.

update anaconda navigator python command line

That’s it, folks! When you open Anaconda Navigator, it will be the latest version now 🙂

Reference: Thanks to the command from goanpeca



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