[ACF] Solution to Google Maps not showing in ACF

ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is the plugin that I used on almost every client projects. The Google Maps API used to work perfectly fine on ACF. However, due to the update on Google Maps API, it is now required API Key. This article will show you how to solve this problem.

[JS & PHP] How to set cookies in JavaScript and get in PHP

There is the application I built today which required to send data between JavaScript and PHP. Therefore, instead of sending AJAX request everytime data has changed, I decided to set cookies from JS and use PHP to retrieve the cookies when needed.

[WordPress] Deployment on Amazon EC2: Solutions to Permalinks & PHP Issues

I have recently encountered 2 issues with deploying WordPress website on Amazon EC2; Permalinks not working on Amazon EC2 and old PHP version caused the code to break. I would like to note the solutions here in order to save hours of Googling for everyone 🙂