Life in 2023: Year in Review

Too many things happened in 2023. Let’s wrap up this year with my 6 highlights in 2023:

1) Canva & Canva for non-profits

  • Great culture. Challenging things to do. Awesome team.
  • Thanks to the company’s gift matching program which doubled my donations to non-profit in Australia this year.
  • In February, I returned to Thailand to organize a significant nonprofit event alongside Opel and Bee [and Thai Canva volunteers 🙏]. Our focus was to empower 30+ individuals from various Thai nonprofits, teaching them how to effectively utilize Canva for their causes. A heartfelt kudos to the entire team for their dedication and impact!

2) The first WordCamp Asia in Bangkok

  • It’s been amazing to co-organise 1000+ attendees event along with 50+ organisers from 30+ countries around the world, on different timezones. Remote work is here to stay 😀
  • We tried to organise this event back in 2019-2020 but Covid hits. This event took 4 years to prepare 😳 It’s been an awesome journey nonetheless. I personally learned a lot about organising an event.

3) YWC Gold Sponsorship

  • YWC (Young Webmaster Camp) holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first and only camp I attended during my Bachelor’s degree years ago
  • This camp was the starting point which introduced me to an online IT industry. I received so many opportunities from this camp, met a lot of friends, and I would like to pay it forward for the next generations.
  • Huge thanks to P Toy Kasidis Satangmongkol who joined me on sponsoring YWC this year. We share identical values and a common goal: giving back to the community as much as we can 🙂

4) Tech Thai in Australia Community

  • Tech Thai in Australia is a community for Thai people who came to Australia to study or work in tech and non-tech
  • It’s been a big jump this year to grow this online community to almost 20k members. We also have many in-person events in different cities in Australia.
  • I personally loved this community’s vibe and how we always share what we learned about Australia and support each other <3

5) DataTH Contents & Courses

  • We published 15 blog contents and 100+ social media posts. Huge kudos for content team who worked incredibly hard this year!
  • We taught around 600+ students this year in data engineering, machine learning engineering, and resume writing. Thank you for everyone’s trust and support. Our objective is to share the best knowledges to everyone, and we will continue doing so 🙂
  • Last but not least, big thanks to all the DataTH instructors this year who have made a difference. A special mention goes to Fony Lewprasert whose unwavering support has been instrumental in creating the best online courses possible throughout 2023!

6) Australian Citizenship

  • I first landed in Australia in 2016 to pursue my Master’s degree. It has been an incredible 7 years of studying and working in this country.
  • Thank you for all the supports from everyone, especially my wife who always push (and sometimes drag) me to become better everyday.

I’m ready to embrace the adventures and opportunities that await in 2024.
Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my 2023 – let’s make 2024 even more memorable!





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