Life in 2022: Year in Review

2022 is going away soon. This is my attempt to recap my life in 2022.

I might forget some of these in the next few years (as I did with some of my 2020 and 2021 events). That’s why I am noting it down now.

Summary (TLDR)

  • Moved to Sydney. New apartment.
  • Got new job
  • Met many friends and family members, including Thai friends whom I don’t usually see in Thailand

Monthly Details

JAN 2022

  • Ran 3 free classes on Microsoft Azure AZ-900 certificate. This is the first time I reached 1000 attendees which was the maximum room capacity at a time
  • Stayed in Thailand since Nov 2021 after I haven’t been back for a while

FEB 2022

  • Had a dinner with Road to Data Engineer’s teacher assistants in Thailand. It was a great time to finally meet everyone in person after COVID
  • Decided to move to Sydney

MAR 2022

  • Rent a new house (apartment) in Sydney. A bit too big for 2 people, but great price and in great location.
  • First time meeting Thai friends in Sydney who work in tech companies
  • Got chosen as AWS Community Builder for the second year

APR 2022

  • Met parents and a long time Thai friend. Had a fun trip!
  • Both me and Kessurang got new jobs in Sydney around the same time 😳

MAY 2022

  • Nothing much this month since I took a whole month break before a new job
  • First time for my tweet getting a lot of retweets / likes though.

JUN 2022

  • Officially start working at Canva 🥳

JULY 2022

  • First time for Perth in Perth. Flew there for Mickey and Ning wedding. Congrats!
  • My sister Pinkko visited Australia for the first time.
  • Invited to speak at KMUTT (University in Thailand) and being a mentor at RISEkathon (Corporate innovation experts).

AUG 2022

  • Organized online career fair event: Tech Level Up Career Fair 2022 with Jan and Kessurang
  • Decided to pulled out of DEFI after a huge loss 😔
  • Attended the first in-person meetup this year at Commbank office

SEP 2022

  • First time getting COVID-19. Did nothing but eat and sleep for 3 days 🤣
  • First time meeting Rubyonvacay
  • Went to the zoo with Sirima & Pichaya. We were amazed with elephants imported from Thailand 🧐

OCT 2022

  • Passed Australian citizenship exam. Haven’t received an invite for the ceremony until now though 🤣
  • First time to have my name on AWS (Amazon) website!

NOV 2022

  • Did a beautiful (!?) painting. It’s temporarily hanged on the wall at home to replace a broken wall clock.
  • Black Friday – decided to buy a new microphone set for a better course recording. Costed me around $430 (10,000 Baht) for the new mic and mic arm 😵. Quiet satisfied with their qualities though.

DEC 2022

  • Finally passed a probation at Canva
  • Invited to speak at “What the duck” by DataRockie. It was an interesting experience to speak online for offline attendees 🤔

This year has a lot of ups and downs. A lot of moving involved. Hopefully it will be more stable next year, so I could focus on other things in life.

See you next year!





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