Life in 2021: Year in Review

Another year with COVID-19. Thank you everyone for coming into my life in 2021. Hope you had a great year.

This is the summary of my 2021 in 3 themes.

1. A year of giving

As I turned 30 this year, I started to realise I enjoy sharing what I learned – through blogging, videos, and classes. This might be my Ikigai.

I am fortunate to meet Kessurang Nat Kansuwan who shared the same value.

The incomplete list of what I’ve accomplished in 2021:

? Next year: Grow data science community in Thailand further. Many secret (?) events coming up. Stay tune for more info ?

2. A year of moving

Moved to the new, much bigger apartment in Melbourne in Feb. I enjoyed a nice park view from my workstation, with standing desk and 2 monitors

Moved back to Thailand temporarily at the start of Nov. This is unplanned move which surprisingly gave me time to step back from day-to-day job, and see what really matters

Travelled to many places – Sydney, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya

? Next year: Planned to go back to Australia in the early 2022. Let’s see where life takes us

3. A year of investment

Increased investment portfolio dramatically. My net worth is now at 10% cash + 90% investment portfolio

Investment portfolio: 10% Crypto + 50% stocks + 40% ETF + Mutual Funds

+6% profit overall this year

? Next year: Give a bit of a pause to investment since I am not comfortable holding less than 10% cash on hand. Not yet.

Happy New Year 2022 everyone. See you in 2022






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