Life in 2020: Year in Review

I was hesitate to write this year’s review since I was not sure what to write about. But when I read my ‘year in review’ from few years ago. I realised this is helpful for the future Perth to look back and smile.

This year I am reviewing different area in life for each bullet point. (Feel free to copy the format if it looks good to you). Let’s begin:

? Hobby:

  • Had fun growing data science community in Thailand at [DataTH]. DataTH have 45,000 likes on Facebook Page & Nearly 12,000 wonderful people in Facebook groups.
  • Grew another impressive community for people who love buying lifetime deal. There are 4,000 people who is working on their business / side projects and loves sharing know-hows. I just learned to develop OKR today thanks to awesome people in this group.

⚽ Health:

  • We (Nat & I) planned to have a weekly session with personal weight trainer every week. But COVID-19 hits and gym was closed for several months ?. Fortunately, it’s back to open now and we are back to train regularly.
  • We found we were lacking of Vitamin D the whole time we spent Working from Home. Lacking of Vitamin D caused a lot of small health issues. So we have been going to the nearby park for dog-spotting after working hour.
  • Had the first yoga class yesterday with [Nok] via Zoom. Yoga looks like a gentle exercise, but it clearly require a lot of body flexibility. My body is feeling sore ???.

?‍?‍?‍? Family & Friends

  • Didn’t meet many friends and family this year because of COVID-19 lockdown ? Hopefully we will do better next year!
  • For my friends in Melbourne, feel free to let me know if you want to catch up in person. And for my friends in Thailand, feel free to let me know if you want to do online catch up ?

?‍♀️ Relationship

  • Due to COVID-19, [Nat] and I have been working from home and seeing each other 24/7 for more than half a year. Thanks to Nat who has been spending a lot of time cooking for both of us. She knew the food wouldn’t taste well if I do it ?
  • I found that we support each other very well. Even though we usually argue on small stuffs here and there, we always resolve it on that day. That’s probably why we have been in the relationship for 8 years now.

? Finance

  • Expanded investment money to trade fx, stocks, and mutual funds. The mutual funds are doing okay-ish. But the stocks are just going up and down like a drunken man. Hopefully I will finally make some profit from stocks in the next year.
  • I wouldn’t say I hit the financial goal this year, because I didn’t set any financial goal ? It’s definitely a good year financially though.
  • In some areas, I made more than I expected. But in some areas, I make less than expected (because of COVID-19? I guess I can just point blame COVID-19 for all my failed goals).

? Career

  • Learned many things and worked on great projects. Built cloud data platform at one of the largest supermarket brands in Australia. And spent a lot of time working in DevOps area.
  • Worked with engineers from partner companies such as Microsoft, Databricks etc.

? Personal Projects

  • I didn’t expect February’s trip to Thailand to be the last time of the year I could run a face-to-face data engineering course. Due to COVID-19 (again), I decided to try running this course as an online course. It’s been helping a lot of students from many big organisations including SCG, NetApps, TISCO Bank to develop their data engineering capabilities.
  • Worked on many interesting website projects. There are even more interest projects planned next year ?
  • WordCamp Asia, the grand event of the year that 40+ organisers worked hard for was cancelled due to COVID-19 ? The effort was not completely lost though, but we will see how the event will turn out in 2021 (or 2022, 2023?).

Happy New Year 2021 everyone!






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