Life in 2019: Year in Review

I have been writing yearly review for 2 years. It’s a great way to come back and see what have I done in each year. Let’s do it for this year:

> ?️‍♂️ Becoming healthy has never been a successful goal in my life. In March, Kessurang Nat dragged me to gym and we started having weekly session with personal trainer. After several months of weight training, my shoulder pain (probably office syndrome) had magically gone! We will continue going to gym this year.

> ?‍? Career progression went surprisingly well. I received an opportunity to lead a team and learn about team and stakeholder management. The workplace and colleagues are top-notch.

> ✨Side projects Data – Data Science ชิลชิล and DesignIL: สอนเว็บดีไซน์ Web Design Html/CSS are also progressed well. Received around 1.2 Million visitors last year. The team has been working together really well. Could not have done this without you guys!

> ?‍?‍?‍?Keeping up with friends has not been easy compared to student’s life. Everyone has work and there is less time to meet. If you chatted with me this year, please know that you have contributed to my 2019 🙂 If not, let’s chat more in 2020!

> ? Hope I have helped / inspired someone at some points this year. In Feb, I helped organised WordCamp Bangkok. In April. I went back to uni to share my experiences and provide AWS workshop. And throughout the year, I have published ~60 articles in Data – Data Science ชิลชิลDesignIL: สอนเว็บดีไซน์ Web Design Html/CSS. and Medium (

> ?I don’t think I can find anyone as sweet and kind as Kessurang Nat Kansuwan

And if you read this far, thank you and happy new year 2020! Wish it will be a great year for you ?

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