Trackr – Our winner submission at UNIHACK Melbourne 2018

On 28-29 July 2018, my friends from Monash and I attended UNIHACK Melbourne 2018. We wanted to try building challenging projects, so we combined IoT, IOTA blockchain, Google Cloud Functions (Serverless), and machine learning model to build the solution for pay-as-you-go car insurance model for the future.

We received FROM THINGS TO INTERNET OF THINGS AWARD (Sponsored by Bosch) at UNIHACK Melbourne 2018

How our solution works

We do this by building a cloud connected GPS device that sends a users GPS data to the cloud where we use ML to process the points and calculate a risk score. This risk score as well as advice on how to lower your risk is provided in the front end combined with a map showing your journey and risks you took travelling on different roads.

On top of this we send our data to the IOTA Tangle (Blockchain like architecture) where users will be given a unique key so they can share their data with any car insurance company they like. This puts the power of the users data back into the hands of the user and allows them to control what happens to their data.

Information & Demo

Project Submission Page:

Project Demo (Google Maps API key is removed):

Team Members

Joseph Rocciano:
Micheal Rodda:
Tim Rickman:
Woratana ‘Perth’ Ngarmtrakulchol:
Letian Wang:







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