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[JS & PHP] How to set cookies in JavaScript and get in PHP

There is the application I built today which required to send data between JavaScript and PHP. Therefore, instead of sending AJAX request everytime data has changed, I decided to set cookies from JS and use PHP to retrieve the cookies when needed.

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[WordPress] Deployment on Amazon EC2: Solutions to Permalinks & PHP Issues

I have recently encountered 2 issues with deploying WordPress website on Amazon EC2; Permalinks not working on Amazon EC2 and old PHP version caused the code to break.

I would like to note the solutions here in order to save hours of Googling for everyone 🙂

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[PHP] var_dump Array, Object แบบสวย ๆ งาม ๆ ใน 1 บรรทัด

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[WordPress] วิธีเก็บ get_template_part ลงตัวแปร