Data Science Programming Python

Basic Python for Data Structure

This note is about basic Python. Data type and syntaxes. From

HTML/CSS Programming WordPress WordPress Themes

[Tutorial] Add CSS-only Dropdown Menu in WordPress Theme from scratch

Sometimes HTML version of the theme doesn’t come with dropdown menu in menu bar, here is a simple way to add dropdown menu to your HTML:

PHP Programming WordPress

[WordPress] Solution when define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); is not working

Generally, when we added define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); to wp-config.php, it should disable every warning & notice on the website.


[DigitalOcean] Setting up email forward with Postfix

It is quite a pain to setup email forwarding in DigitalOcean with not much experience in command line. Moreover, many tutorials online are outdated or┬ádidn’t┬áprovide right configuration. This is the guide to setup Postfix for email forwarding which I tested and tried many times.

HTML/CSS JavaScript Programming WordPress WordPress Themes

[Foundation 6 & WordPress] SyntaxError: class is a reserved identifier class

I got this error when trying to use foundation 6’s JavaScript from Essential pack (downloaded from here:

PHP Programming WordPress WordPress Themes

[WordPress] Custom URL using add_rewrite_rule

In the recent project, the clients would like to have pretty URL for good SEO in WordPress. Since the URL structure for WordPress is pretty limited, I have to try rewriting custom URL for client.

JavaScript PHP Programming WordPress

[JS & PHP] How to set cookies in JavaScript and get in PHP

There is the application I built today which required to send data between JavaScript and PHP. Therefore, instead of sending AJAX request everytime data has changed, I decided to set cookies from JS and use PHP to retrieve the cookies when needed.

HTML/CSS Programming

[Bootstrap] How to use Font Awesome in form submit button

(Tested in Font Awesome with Bootstrap 4)

I usually use Font Awesome as a fa-* class in <i> tag, but little did I know that it is possible to use Font Awesome in <input> tag.

Programming SQL

[MySQL] Reset & Import Database in MySQL using Command Line

Sometimes client’s server doesn’t has PHPMyAdmin installed (and it is 11MB, too big in my opinion), and I have to import database to deploy website from localhost to production server. Thus, I need to find a way to import SQL file directly in command line.


[CMD] Load Testing from your Mac / Linux using Apache Bench

Mac or Linux server has pre-installed Apache Bench which we can use for load testing for free. I am not sure about the limitation, but from my machine (Macbook Pro 2015), I can do load testing up to 200 concurrent connections.