[DigitalOcean] Setting up email forward with Postfix

It is quite a pain to setup email forwarding in DigitalOcean with not much experience in command line. Moreover, many tutorials online are outdated or┬ádidn’t┬áprovide right configuration. This is the guide to setup Postfix for email forwarding which I tested and tried many times.

[Foundation 6 & WordPress] SyntaxError: class is a reserved identifier class

I got this error when trying to use foundation 6’s JavaScript from Essential pack (downloaded from here: http://foundation.zurb.com/sites/download.html/)

[JS & PHP] How to set cookies in JavaScript and get in PHP

There is the application I built today which required to send data between JavaScript and PHP. Therefore, instead of sending AJAX request everytime data has changed, I decided to set cookies from JS and use PHP to retrieve the cookies when needed.

[MySQL] Reset & Import Database in MySQL using Command Line

Sometimes client’s server doesn’t has PHPMyAdmin installed (and it is 11MB, too big in my opinion), and I have to import database to deploy website from localhost to production server. Thus, I need to find a way to import SQL file directly in command line.